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Marc Schultz Photography

A portfolio website for Marc Schultz Photography

Coming Soon!

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Art Hub

A site for artists to upload photography or artwork images, see other artists' work, and create a community.

Temporarily Down for Maintenance

Project 3 Screen Shot

Musaic allows you to create personalized playlist based on your mood, by uploading a photo to your profile.

This was a group project I completed with Jay Hathaway, Kacy Sommers, and Eva Barrett.

Project 2 Screen Shot
Travel Planner

Find and save locations for your next vacation or weekend getaway! This app utilizes the Google Maps Apis to find and save places on a google map.

Project 1 Screen Shot
Color Memory Game

Play the classic game of Concentration or Memory, but with colors instead of playing cards!

Vetted by Vets Screen Shot
Vetted by Vets

A site to help Veterans receive VA Claims and rate their experiences.

Jean Eglinton Screen Shot
Jean Eglinton Web Comics and Art

A custom WordPress web site to display Jean Eglinton's artwork